My Career Fitting My Personality

On Tuesday, in my psychology class we were learning about personalities and personality disorders.  My teacher got on the topic of personality tests, the different kinds, and what was most reliable.  Turns out one of the most reliable tests today is also free and available online.  After you tak the test you can go other websites that analyze your personality and tells you things like who your compatible with, what career may be best for you and if your introvert or extrovert.  Turns out my personality type is ESFJ.  In short his means a couple of things: 1. We love holidays and traditions because we sometimes are “entertainers” 2.We like to be in charge 3. We are wounded easily and “wear our hearts on our sleeve” 4. We struggle with the sense of right with an overwhelming rescuing, “mothering” drive 5. We sense danger all around because of the caretaker nature. (Butt, Joe)Somehow when these personality traits combine they make good elementary school teachers and good sales people.  Although im not completely sure if I agree with all of these things i found it very nice to know that even my personality test matches my career.


Butt, Joe. “ESFJ Profile.” TypeLogic Home Page. 2009. Web. 09 Dec. 2010. <;.
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Christmas time is my favorite time of the year, along with many people.  There is a reason its many people’s favorite, everone has their own reasons.  One of the reasons I love Christmas time is I will get to go home from college and see all my family and friends.  As much as I love my new friends at college I miss my home friends and my family a lot.  I grew up in a very small town with one school where I attended the same classes with the same eighty or so people since kindergarten, so it’s really nice to go home and see my friends that i have always been so close to. I also look forward to christmas time because I love how everyone gets so festive.  The lights go up and decorations are hung and the whole town take on a pretty and happy atmosphere.  And come on who doesnt love giving and receiving presents? Theres always going to be those few humbugs out there but for the most part everyone loves christmas.  That is my favorite thing, everyone(whether you celebrate christmas or not) can come together and celebrate he holidays during this wonderful time of the year.

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Stumbling on Weddings

I sat down to get started on my blogs when I got distracted like I always do.  Somehow whenever I have to work I always find a way to end up on or  While on stumble I came across this wedding invitation and decided that it would be a good thing to share on my blog, so my procrastination worked out after all.


I found this invitation to be a very beautiful and romantic way to do a wedding invitation.  People are always dreaming of the classic and traditional wedding ideas but sometimes a little twist can be fun and more memorable.  After reading this it reminded me of another original wedding idea I came across a long time ago where the people in the wedding came down the aisle dancing to a Chris Brown song.

This wedding became very memorable, in fact it became so well-known that the hit TV series The Office did their own spin on it when two of the main characters Jim and Pam get married.

While traditional can be very beautiful sometimes a different idea can be just as beautiful and memorable.

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Snow is coming fast

Breaking out the warm jackets

Winters really here.


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How To Braid Your Hair

Braiding you hair is a  quick and neat way do your hair when you know how.  You can make it look casual or dressy depending on the situation.  As you get better at the basic braids you and learn to do even more sophisticated ones like inside out braids or french braids.

What you will need: a brush, a hair elastic (or something to tie off the braid with),and hairspray(optional)

Step One: First start by brushing your hair so it becomes smooth.

Step Two: Seperate hair into three equal sections.

Step Three: Take the section to the right and cross it over the section in the middle.  Now the section to the right has become the middle section and, the middle one has become the right.

Step Four:Take the section to the left and cross it over the middle section just like you did witht he right.  Again the left will become the middle, and the middle now will be the left.

Keep repeating steps four and five until the braid reaches the end.  At this point tie it off with a hair elastic and your done!

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Thanksgiving and the Feeling of Home

Thanksgiving at my house is a small, but very enjoyable day. It is a day where my family gets together just to do nothing. usually why my family gets together its to do something as a family, but on thanksgiving it is a day we can all be together to just relax.

We all sit and watch the parade together, and after the parade do different things. My brother and dad will watch football while my mother, any family visiting, and I cook for dinner. This year it was just my immediate family and my aunt. Around four we all come together and eat dinner until we can’t possibly eat anymore. A few hours later we all come together again for some pie and coffee.

I never really appreciated being home for thanksgiving as much as I did this year. There are some simple things about home you don’t realize your going to miss until your away. You know your going to miss your family and space, but do you think about your cozy couch, or your shower(in which you don’t need to wear your shoes in)? I found this thanksgiving break extremely relaxing and found myself hesitant to leave home to go out with friends because I wanted to enjoy the family and warmth of home. Although im missing my friends at school I had a wonderful thanksgiving day with my family. 🙂

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Let the Rhythm Make You Dance

On Friday November 10th, I attended Westfield State University’s dance company’s performance.  The performance consisted multiple performances to all different kinds of music including Waka Waka by Shakira, Only Girl by Rihanna, and DJ Got us Falling in love by Usher.  There also were all different kinds of dance performed, some were jazz, hip-hop, and tap.

The group is run and choreographed by the students themselves and is a very large group.  The people involved seem very passionate about what they do and seem as though they are having a great time.  This was my first WSU performance I attended and I found it well worth my time and money.  It is something you can go to and enjoy alone or go with a group of people.

My favorite part was watching the step team.  The step team preformed with the dance company but they are their own group.  I found them the most impressive because they are able to dance and create their own music by stomping and clapping.  I also enjoyed the dance a group of girls did to the song Waka Waka by Shakira.  This is the song she made during the World Cup soccer games, they did a similar dance as the one performed in her music video with a little twist.  This was my favorite because it was different and had a African twist.

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Texting-While-Driving Law

As of September 2010 the texting and driving law has officially been put into effect.  If you are caught texting or even receiving a text you will be fined.  For your first offense you are fined 100 dollars, and for multiple offenses you can be fined up to 500 dollars.  People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use cell phones at all while driving.

Although there are many different opinions on this topic, the majority of people agree with the newly enforced law and support it.  Texting and driving has become an enormous problem throughout the country since texting has become so widely used.  I completely agree with the new law.  Through experience I belive texting is one of the most dangerous things a person can do while driving.  Texting requires you to be looking at your phone and completely takes your attention away from the road and your surroundings.  81 percent of the United States has admitted to texting and driving

Over the past few years that texting has become so popular I have already seen many accidents due to texting.  I’m sure im not the only person that has friends that have had texting incidents, or has had their own.  I have been fortunate enough not to get into any accidents, but i have had a few scares.  Enough to stop texting and driving entirely, whether there is a law or not.  Also I can think of about 4 friends who have gotten in accidents or fender benders because of texting while driving.  Ever been in a car with a friend whose texting and they swerve off the road? It’s just a small swerve but its enough to make you a little nervous.  So why not just not text, and save it for when you stop or get out?  You can always ask your friend to text for you if it’s completly necessary.

Not every state has this new law though.  Only 30 states have the texting-while-driving law enforced.  Some states have gone beyond Massachusetts and banned cell phones while driving entirely.  You can see what every state has done to prevent cell phone related accidents on this website.

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Practice Blog

My name is Julia, 18 years old and from Rockport.  I am currently attending Westfield State University.  I am undeclared and thinking about becoming a elementary school teacher. My expirence at WSU so far has been excellent.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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